Printers Learn How to Save Money, Increase Profits, and Help the Environment at INFO*FLEX 2017

Phoenix, AZ – Join Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) Board Member Doreen Monteleone at INFO*FLEX for the Sustainable Flexographic Printing meeting on May 1st at 12:30pm to learn how SGP certification is helping the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) achieve its sustainability goals.


SGP’s multi-attribute sustainability certification is unlike any other in the industry. SGP certified printers are among an elite class of facilities that have made a commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. These printers are seen as valuable resources for brands that want to elevate their own sustainability initiatives by working exclusively with certified printers.


Supported by patrons such as 3M, International Paper, Hewlett-Packard, Harper Corporation of America, INX International, Flint Group, and MacDermid Graphic Solutions, SGP is recognized as a global leader in eco-friendly innovation and best practices for the printing industry. In addition to certifying printers who comply with rigorous environmental best practices, the organization also partners with brands to promote a sustainable supply chain for print buyers.


SGP stands behind the belief that prosperity and sustainability go hand-in-hand. A recent survey of SGP printers found that the average certified facility saves $43,857 per year, the equivalent of one employee’s salary.


At the INFO*FLEX Sustainable Flexographic Printing luncheon, Doreen Monteleone will explain how FTA has taken strides toward sustainability using SGP certification as a springboard for its efforts.


To RSVP for the luncheon, please contact no later than 3:00 on April 28. To learn more about SGP certification, visit