SGP Community

Working Together to Print and Package a Better Tomorrow

The Sustainable Green Print Partnership (SGP) is a robust community of print facilities, global brands, suppliers, manufacturers, educators, trade associations and non-profit organizations coming together to change the future of print and packaging through sustainability. As active members of the SGP community, they have declared to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

SGP Facilities

SGP certification is a multi-attribute endorsement created specifically for graphic communications facilities to be recognized by brands worldwide. To achieve certified SGP Facility status, companies must meet or exceed strict sustainability criteria in their manufacturing process, facility, product and social areas. Certification is offered to printers in the United States and Canada, as well as suppliers to the printing industry.

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SGP Brands Leaders

Companies that are dedicated to lowering environmental impact and improving through best practices. They differentiate their brand in a meaningful way to consumers by instituting and promoting a more accountable, sustainable supply chain.

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SGP Patrons

Print and packaging affiliated companies that wish to transform the marketplace are encouraged to join our mission as SGP Patrons. The value of patronage includes global recognition that your organization is dedicated to driving sustainability in graphic communications by establishing standards and best practices.

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SGP Resource Partners

Our Resource Partners share the vision of sustainability in graphic communications. They are non-profits, trade associations and educational institutions that actively promote, educate and research on topics of interest to our mission. Many are subject matter experts providing our community with critical insights to advance environmentally positive practices in the printing and packaging industries.

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Sustainability Champions

Do you know someone within your organization who takes an active role in the company’s or community’s sustainability programs? A person who leads by example and inspires others to initiate and work on sustainable projects.

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Member Resources

Get access to custom member materials and tools to implement and promote your SGP Partnership certification.

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