People. Planet. Purpose.

Certify Your Facility to Include the Entire Supply Chain

People. Planet. Purpose.

Certification for a More Sustainable Future in Print and Packaging

People. Planet. Purpose.

Working Together to Print and Package a Better Tomorrow

Your Resource for Sustainable Printing

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership is a community of printing and packaging manufacturers, global brands suppliers, and supporting organizations working together to drive sustainability and meet the demands of today’s customers. Collectively, we make up the industry’s leading supply chain certification authority. Our job is to set standards, advocate best practices and promote innovation toward a more accountable, sustainable supply chain.

Why Certify?

Creating a More Responsible Supply Chain

SGP Certification sets the bar for each member to achieve the highest standards of sustainability and responsibility. SGP helps members operate more responsibly and efficiently, source sustainable materials, reduce waste, and create safer, healthier workplaces. Global brands recognize that SGP certified companies operate at a higher level, follow best practices and maintain greater standards.

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Why Use SGP Certified Facilities?

SGP certified graphic communications suppliers meet the highest standards for sustainability.

Differentiate your brand in a meaningful way to consumers

Institute a more accountable, sustainable supply chain

Access to SGP Resource Partner programs

Use of the SGP logo and marketing

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Differentiate your brand in a meaningful way to consumers

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Patrons recognize SGP’s continuing role in advancing the benefits of SGP certification to both the print and buying communities. Supporting SGP as a Patron shows your commitment to transform the marketplace and leadership for inclusion of sustainable business practices in the industry.

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