History & Leadership

Marci Kinter

Marci Kinter

Secretary & Vice Chair Technical

VP, Government & Business Information - PRINTING United Alliance

Gary Jones

Gary Jones

Founding Member

Director, Environmental, Health and Safety Affairs - PRINTING United Alliance

Doreen Monteleone

Doreen Monteleone


Principal - D2 Advisory Group, Inc. /Consultant - Flexographic Technical Association

George Fuchs

George Fuchs

Vice Chair Technology

Director of Regulatory Affairs and Technology - National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers

SGP Origins

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership idea came to fruition during the 2007 National Environmental Health & Safety Conference. Key representatives in the printing industry, Marci Kinter, Gary Jones, and Doreen Monteleone, were intrigued by Walmart’s intention to develop a more sustainable supply chain. Such an initiative would have major implications in the print and packaging world, which led each to return to their respective trade associations to address sustainable print.

Soon joining the three original cohorts was George Fuchs, who represented the ink manufacturing industry. The group identified the need to define sustainability for the print and packaging industry, determine how it would affect the overall print buying community and supply chain and craft a certification program to benchmark success.

The Movement is Started

A stakeholder meeting was called to order, and the Sustainable Green Partnership was officially formed in 2008. From this initial meeting, the group defined the ideal sustainability goals for a print facility. These were:

  • Employ, wherever and whenever possible, materials derived from renewable resources or with low environmental impact, maximizing recycling and recovery efforts with efficient renewable energy utilization.
  • Encourage the adoption of changes within the supply chain by strongly recommending the use of raw materials that do not threaten or harm future generations.
  • Educate the customer and ultimate consumer regarding the benefits of a restorative economy.

The Community is Launched

A task force was created to set the criteria and evaluation process that would eventually become the SGP Certification process. In 2008, SGP introduced its first certified SGP Facilities.

SGP Partnership

Focus on the Future

Today, there are Sustainable Green Partnership certified facilities in 36 states and 6 provinces. Global brands rely on these facilities to adhere to the strict standards and uphold the best practices put forth by SGP to further the cause of sustainability in printing and packaging for the future.

"I support SGP because it aligns with my personal and professional beliefs and values. I see the important role that SGP certification plays for Sustainability in the graphics market and supply chain and want to do my part to support it."

Jodi Sawyer Strategic Business Unit Manager, Flexcon

"Companies need to adopt a sustainability management system … SGP sustainability criteria adapts well to any manufacturing or service company and guides in integrating sustainability in every aspect of their company."

Johnathan Graham Executive Chairman, Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

"We use a lot of resources and while we provide a great service, we can also help by being smart on how we produce our products. We CAN lead the way."

Frank Bailey Director OpEx, Smyth

"Sustainability has been and always will be a choice. A choice in who you work with, products you buy, decisions you make that lead to less of an environmental footprint. Sustainability should always be more than just about the product - it makes a difference who you work with and that your actions taken reflect the words that you say."

Marci Kinter, VP Government & Regulatory Affairs, Printing United Alliance

"SGP’s goals and mission align exactly with [Print Releaf]. We are both intent on strengthening sustainability for printers and their customers - across the industry."

Jordan Darragh CEO, Print Releaf

"SGP encourages the entire industry to do what's right for the planet. It isn't often you see that for a particular industry group."

Doreen Monteleone Principal, D2 Advisory Group

"I was always told to leave things better than you found them. I still really believe in that mindset. It’s important for me to do everything I can to leave our planet in good shape for future generations."

Kierstan Thomann, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Shutterfly