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Why Get Certified

SGP Certification is a full facility certification created specifically for graphic communications. To achieve SGP Certified status, companies must meet or exceed strict sustainability criteria in their entire manufacturing process, facility, product, and social responsibility. Holding the SGP certification signals your organization is part of an elite group of top sustainable printing and packaging companies.

Reap the benefits of SGP certification

Differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace

Create real cost and resource savings

Institute a more accountable, sustainable supply chain

Improve your bottom line by streamlining processes

Reduce waste and emission

Increase recycling output

What To Do

The path to becoming SGP Certified is unique to each company. Our team is here to help guide you through the process to ensure success. The only prerequisite necessary is a strong commitment to sustainability. Certifications can take up to 12 months.

Begin the certification process

SGP Impact Tracker

Next, you’ll learn how to use the SGP Impact Tracker.

This is how your company will track its progress as you work toward becoming SGP Certified. Your organization should appoint a team member to oversee the certification process. Having a champion on the inside to coordinate with internal teams and drive the project will help keep your SGP certification on track.

The process is yours to direct according to your company’s specific circumstances. We’ve outlined one below with a suggested path for success.

SGP Initiation



  • Establish a sustainability committee
  • Cultivate a sustainability policy
  • Begin to develop and implement a Sustainability Management System
SGP Planning



  • Continue development and implementation of the Sustainability Management System
  • Establish documentation procedures for each required element
  • Identify, document and develop action plan for first continuous improvement project
SGP Execution



  • Design documentation strategy for Best Management Practices
  • Conduct audits for: Environmental, Safety and Health, and Energy
  • Perform Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Complete the SGP Impact Tracker
SGP Evaluation



  • Complete required documentation for Best Management Practices
  • Submit application and request a SGP Certification Audit
  • Conduct first Sustainability Management System (SMS) Audit and Management Review
  • Consider any new directions – document changes made to SMS
SGP Promotion



  • Promote your SGP Certification
  • Announce your certification with a press release
  • Add the SGP Certification button to your website
  • Talk about your Sustainability efforts on your website and in marketing materials