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SGP logos are used by the leading sustainable companies in the print supply chain. SGP Facilities meet the rigorous requirement of SGP sustainability certification. SGP Patrons, Brand Leaders and Resource Partners support a more sustainable future for the printing industry. With these logos, companies highlight their commitment to advancing sustainability and supporting SGP as the leading certification body for the printing industry.

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Certified Facility

Facilities that successfully meet the SGP sustainability criteria and certification audit are granted a logo with their corresponding certificate number.

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Manufactured by

Used on a printed product produced in a facility that has SGP sustainability certification.

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Brand Leader

Brands that recognize the importance of a sustainable supply chain and require their print providers meet the publicly vetted SGP sustainability certification criteria.

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Patron - Platinum Level

Patrons financially support SGP’s sustainability certification and the ongoing mission of SGP. The platinum level is the highest level of support, followed by gold then silver.

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Patron - Gold Level

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Patron - Silver Level


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Resource Partner

Resource Partners are associations, non-profits, NGOs and educational institutions that support SGP work in advancing sustainability.

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SGP Foundation Inc is a 501 (c)3 organization supporting the educational activities of SGP.

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