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Become a Certified SGP Facility

SGP certification benefits print and print supplier facilities in countless ways. Certification creates real cost and resource savings while differentiating your business in a crowded marketplace. SGP institutes a more accountable and complete sustainable supply chain—something more buyers are interested in. Going beyond single attribute certification systems, SGP provides for third-party validation of sustainability efforts, thus avoiding “greenwashing.” Certification by the SGP program offers a strong return on investment (ROI) by identifying operational improvements and waste reductions. SGP also sets facilities on the path of continuous improvement with ongoing benefits.

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The SGP Difference

There are several sustainability certifications in the print, paper and packaging industries. Check out our handy comparison chart and learn more about what’s right for you.

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Why Certification Matters

Emission Reduction
Reduced green house gas emissions by 2.42 tons

Energy Savings
Reduced energy by 367,000 kw/year—saving $25,000 annually

Waste Reduction
Diverted 78 tons of material from landfill by increasing recycling

Reduced Consumption
Increased solvent recycling by 76%—saving $16,000 a year

Certification Stories

Learn more about companies who have realized significant cost and resource savings—helping them to grow and increase revenue.

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