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SGP certification benefits your printing facility in countless ways. Beyond creating real cost and resource savings, our certification differentiates your business in the crowded marketplace, and institutes a more accountable, sustainable supply chain—something more and more buyers are interested in. Below, you’ll find ways in which our certified facilities are enjoying continuous improvement from our accreditation program within their facilities.


Certification Timeline

SGP certification elevates a printer into an elite group of top sustainable printers, recognized by print buyers and the printing industry. Here’s an overview of the process.


• Choose sustainability coordinator
• Establish sustainability committee
• Develop sustainability policy
• Begin working on development and implementation of the Sustainability Management System

• Begin utilizing the SGP Impact Tracker


• Continue working on development and implementation of the Sustainability Management System. Ensure documentation procedures have been established and procedures are written for each required element.

• Identify, document and develop action plan for first continuous improvement project


• Establish documentation strategy for Best Management Practices

• Conduct Environmental Audit

• Conduct Safety and Health Audit

• Conduct Energy Audit

• Conduct Indoor Air Quality Testing

• Complete the SGP Metrics Form 12 months

• Ensure completion of all required documentation for Best Management Practices 13 months

• Submit application to the SGP program and request a certification audit 24 months

• Conduct first Sustainability Management System Audit and Management Review

• Consider any new directions – document all changes made to SM

Certification starts with a sustainability champion.

A company that successfully engages in the SGP certification process begins by selecting and enabling a sustainability champion. This champion will become the subject matter expert and the touchpoint for the company’s sustainability initiatives, responsible for establishing the system driving certification. To be successful, management recognizes that the champion will need to dedicate time each week towards this initiative so that sustainability becomes one part of their job responsibilities.


After certification, the champion ensures that all within the facility recognize the importance of the SGP Certification, and are able to effectively communicate the success of the facility to all stakeholders. This includes conversations with customers, suppliers, other employees, community members, etc. Most importantly, the champion ensures the company’s sustainability journey is constant and on target.

SGP continuous improvement examples.

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Energy Savings

• Reduced energy by 367,00 kw/year saving $25,000 annually
• Reduced energy use by 10% by putting thermostats on timers; keeping thermostat at 76
in summer and 72 in winter; and using LED and CFL light bulbs

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Waste Reduction

• Significant waste reductions: Year 1: 115,000 lbs.; Year 2: 250,000 lbs.; Year 3: projected 850,000 lbs
• Reduced trash to landfill by 30% by recycling paper, cardboard, and plastic
• Diverted 78 tons of material from landfill by increasing recycling

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Emission Reduction

• Reduced green house gas emissions by 2.42 tons

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Reduced Resource Consumption

• Reduced water usage by 145,000 gallons by discontinuing use of old in-house treatment
unit, saving $5,000 a month
• Moved 100% of corporate HQ office paper from 10% to 30% post consumer waste
• 59% reduction in water usage through the installation of a water heater with On Demand
heating, installation of low flush toilets
• Increased solvent recycling by 76% – saving $16,000 a year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership?

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the only whole facility certification program for the graphic communication industry. SGP provides third party certification through a publicly vetted set of criteria.

What is SGP certification?

SGP certification is given to facilities that have met the rigorous standards of the criteria developed by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP). This is the only whole-facility certification program developed as a collaborative effort of the entire printing industry to define what it means to be a sustainable printer and to offer credible validation by a third party.

Why should my facility get certified as a SGP Printer?

SGP certification provides credibility in the marketplace. Going beyond single attribute certification systems, SGP provides for third party validation of sustainability efforts thus avoiding “greenwashing.” Certification by the SGP program provides a strong return on investment (ROI) by identifying operational improvements and waste reductions. SGP also sets facilities on the path of continuous improvement offering ongoing benefits.

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