Smyth demonstrates sustainability leadership with fourth facility receiving SGP certification

Smyth demonstrates sustainability leadership with fourth facility receiving SGP certification

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications, announced today that Smyth Companies has achieved SGP certification at its fourth facility. Smyth, Minneapolis, MN, joins the company’s other certified facilities located in Bedford, VA, Boston, MA and most recently Austin, MN.

Smyth received its first SGP certification in 2019 and plans to have all of its facilities certified by the end of 2022. Smyth is among the printing industry’s sustainability leaders who have achieved SGP certification, which is the only sustainable printing certification in the United States and Canada requiring a comprehensive facility audit evaluating the three areas of sustainability – people, planet and profit.

Scott Fisher, President of Smyth, said, “For many years we’ve recognized as an organization that sustainability is a responsibility that goes beyond the products we deliver. The number of customers asking us about what we’re doing to show our commitment to safe and sustainable business practices continues to grow. Our team has taken every opportunity to keep us out in front of sustainability for our customers, our people and our communities.”

Smyth’s commitment to protecting the health of the natural environment and conserving energy resources goes back more than a decade. Based on proven methodology developed specifically for the printing industry, SGP’s multi-attribute certification provided the groundwork for Smyth to enhance its production processes and office practices. This has helped guide the company in making socially responsible decisions that positively impact the environment, providing its customers with sustainable supply chain options, and safeguarding the health and safety of its employees.

“With this fourth certification Smyth is positioning itself as an expert of sustainability in the printing industry,” said Marci Kinter, SGP co-founder, Executive Committee and PRINTING United Alliance representative. “There’s work to be done in the industry as a whole, and with leaders like Smyth, we’re seeing the real progress that can be achieved.”

“Sustainability has taken on a life of its own here at Smyth, making impacts in almost every aspect of our business,” said Mitchell Melykson, Operational Excellence Manager. “While our teams are out there supporting customers with sustainable product options, at the facility level we’re looking at how we use energy and resources. In Minneapolis, for example, we participate in our energy supplier’s wind source program that provides our facility with 100% wind power.”

Print facilities interested in eliminating waste, reducing energy consumption, transitioning to sustainable materials, and winning new business from organizations that require sustainable printing practices should visit to learn more about becoming SGP certified.

About Smyth Companies: Smyth Companies is a leading provider of high-impact label decoration for consumer goods products. From neighborhood businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Smyth provides quality, innovative packaging solutions to the beauty, health, personal care, household, food, automotive, private label, and beverage markets. Using a broad range of print technologies from traditional to digital to expanded gamut printing, Smyth’s products include pressure-sensitive, cut and stack, and in-mold labels; shrink sleeves; flexible packaging including pouches and roll stock; promotional products; and commercial, as well as equipment application and support. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Smyth has nine U.S. production facilities and more than 550 associates.

About SGP: The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the only certification organization promoting sustainability in all printing processes throughout the United States and Canada. SGP promotes a sustainable print supply chain through best practices, innovation, information sharing and validation. The SGP program encompasses the three pillars of sustainability – people, planet, and profit. SGP partners include 3M, tesa tape North America, Cooley/Group, EMG, FLEXcon, Laird Plastics, Piedmont Plastics, Polymershapes, New Leaf Paper, Sun Chemical, REI, ANN Inc., BrandKey Graphics, Snowball Print Marketing, major printing organizations, academic institutions, and other leading companies.