Shepard Takes the Lead in Reducing 600,000 Tons of Exhibition and Event Waste

First SGP certification of an event agency`s print production facility


The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications for print manufacturers, announced its first certification of an event agency print product with SGP certification of Shepard.


SGP certifies printing facilities as part of its commitment to create a more accountable, efficient supply chain for print buyers. Shepard’s achievement marks the first time an SGP certification has been awarded to a company that offers general services outside of printing. As an event management agency that provides services (including printing) for event organizers and exhibitors, Shepard sought SGP certification to reduce the environmental impact of its printing activities and help customers achieve their own sustainability goals.


As a result of Shepard’s commitment to sustainability, the organization has been able to reduce operational expenses and pass those savings on to customers. Decreasing waste, reusing materials, and working with eco-friendly inks and substrates has allowed Shepard to attract a wide base of clients who are concerned about corporate responsibility.


“We want to show other general service contractors that recycling and using chemicals and inks that are more environmentally friendly will cut costs back and will also have a big impact on how shows are installed and dismantled,” said Steve Margos, executive vice president of operations at Shepard. “SGP certification fits our bold set of initiatives to reduce the 600,000 tons of waste produced by the events industry each year.”


Shepard’s eight printing facilities nationwide have reduced operating expenses by:


  • Storing and reusing event graphics
  • Choosing environmentally-friendly solutions for lighting and energy
  • Decreasing landfill waste and increasing recycling


To learn more about how your printing operation can follow Shepard’s lead and take the next step in corporate responsibility with SGP certification, visit


About Shepard

Shepard is a full-service event production partner that is invested in the success of every event. Recognizing sustainability as one of its core corporate principles, the company integrates environmentally friendly policies and practices into its organization by operating in a manner that promotes energy and material conservation, as well as waste reduction. Shepard is also committed to assisting clients in reducing and managing their own event’s environmental impacts. To learn more about Shepard, visit


About SGP

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is a non-profit organization that certifies printing facilities’ sustainability best practices. SGP advocates best practices and innovation among print community stakeholders, aligning the printing industry and its customers in the pursuit of a more accountable sustainable supply chain. SGP works with patrons such as 3M, International Paper, EFI, ECOR, FLEXcon, North American Plastics, Piedmont Plastics, Gilman Brothers and numerous other leading brands.