SGP engages through its community at Sustainable Brands 2018

Joe Stapley, SGP Board Member featured in “Redesigning Sustainable Exhibitions” panel


The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications for print manufacturers, announced its community engagement in Sustainable Brands 2018 June 4-7 in Vancouver BC.


“SGP is pleased to be represented by its community members at Sustainable Brands 2018 with Joe Stapley being our first SGP Board Member to speak at the annual conference,” said Marci Kinter, SGP Executive Committee member and Technical Committee chair. “SGP represents the top sustainable printers in North America and engagement at cross industry events like Sustainable Brands provides opportunities for our goal of continue to develop our sustainable supply chain.”


Joe Stapley who works for Noble Environmental Technologies, managing national accounts and assists in ECOR plant development, will participate in a panel, “Redesigning Sustainable Exhibitions” on Tuesday June 5, 2018. The content focuses on practical ways of incorporating sustainable practices into event management to drive business results. This session is part of the Sustainable Event Professional Certificate (SEPC) course, held in conjunction with Sustainable Brands 2018.


“Noble Environmental Technologies transforms tradeshow and event structures through its ECOR, advanced environmental composite panel from which thousands of high performance, environmentally superior, non-toxic, clean and healthy products for a myriad of applications and markets can be fabricated,” said Joe Stapley, Noble Environmental Technologies National Accounts Managers, “I will talk about the benefits of sustainable materials and how tradeshows, exhibition and even advertising can help companies realize the circular economy in areas still untapped.” .


Other SGP Board Members attending the conference include Libra Balian, SGP Executive Committee and Chair, SGP Brand Leader program and Marci Kinter attending on behalf of SGIA where she serves as vice president of government & business information.


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About Noble Environmental Technologies

ECOR. NOBLE Environmental Technologies Corporation has developed the ECOR technology which enables companies to achieve their circular economy ambitions. It is a waste-to-product manufacturing process resulting in high-performance, sustainable and healthy materials, which uniquely enable the circular economy principles of starting with waste resources and enablement of recycling at the end of a product’s life cycle. ECOR is made of 100% recycled cellulose fibers locally sourced from urban, farm and process waste materials, is completely free of toxins and VOCs and C2C certified. ECOR is solely made with water, pressure and heat whileoffering an advanced design, great performances and versatile design opportunities.


About SGP

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is a non-profit organization that certifies printing facilities’ sustainability best practices. SGP advocates best practices and innovation among print community stakeholders, aligning the printing industry and its customers in the pursuit of a more accountable sustainable supply chain. SGP works with patrons such as 3M, International Paper, EFI, ECOR, FLEXcon, North American Plastics, Piedmont Plastics, Gilman Brothers and numerous other leading brands.