PrintReleaf increases its commitment to a sustainable future as an SGP Resource Partner

PrintReleaf increases its commitment to a sustainable future as an SGP Resource Partner

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading certification authority in sustainable printing, announced today that PrintReLeaf joined the SGP community as a Resource Partner.

SGP Resource Partners are non-profits, NGO’s, organizations and educational institutions engaged in promoting, teaching or researching in the areas of graphic arts and/or sustainability. Resource Partners are subject matter experts that assure our entire community is empowered with the acumen to advance sustainability in the printing industry supply chain.

PrintReleaf provides a patented software platform that empowers businesses to sustain and grow our global forestry system with each print job. The company worked closely with industry experts in print and forestry to develop standards for measuring, offsetting and verifying the successful reforestation of paper consumption. PrintReleaf developed a standard, methodology and technology platform that makes it simple for customers to certifiably reforest their paper consumption.

“We decided to become involved with SGP because PrintReleaf’s solution aligns perfectly with SGP’s mission – to improve sustainability across the print industry, ” said Jordan Darragh, CEO of PrintReleaf. “Given our alignment, it made sense to establish a partnership so PrintReleaf can drive even more positive outcomes for SGP’s membership.”

“With the addition of PrintReLeaf as an SGP resource partner, SGP anticipates better access to programs that help our community and certified printers advance their sustainability leadership,” said Marci Kinter, SGP executive committee and Printing UNITED Alliance representative. “It is good partnering with an organization that meets rigorous public standards for its reforestation program, PrintReLeaf brings an unprecedented, reliable validation to environmental offset programs and is highly welcome to the SGP Community.”

“In the last months we have announced partnerships with leading organizations including Printing Industries of the South and Printing Industries of New England,” said Darragh. “We are pleased that our work with industry experts in print and forestry to develop standards for measuring, offsetting, and verifying the successful reforestation of paper consumption is validated by such partnerships.”

To learn more about how to become an SGP Resource Partner and support the sustainable future of the printing industry and its customers, visit

About PrintReleaf: PrintReleaf creates a global sustainability standard by certifiably guaranteeing to releaf the paper consumption of PrintReleaf customers. PrintReleaf is the only technology platform that measures customers’ paper usage and certifiably reforests that usage on an equivalent basis. The patented PrintReleaf technology not only tracks paper consumption, but also monitors PrintReleaf reforestation partners to ensure fulfillment. Market-leading companies with a passion for the environment and a progressive concern for advancing environmental stewardship, together with their customers, rely on PrintReleaf to provide a nexus of partnerships involving forestry, technology, and business. For more information, please visit

About SGP: The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the only certification organization promoting sustainability in all printing processes throughout the United States and Canada. SGP promotes a sustainable print supply chain through best practices, innovation, information sharing and validation. The SGP program encompasses the three pillars of sustainability – people, planet, and profit. SGP partners include 3M, tesa tape North America, Cooley/Group, EMG, FLEXcon, Laird Plastics, New Leaf Paper, Piedmont Plastics, Polymershapes, Sun Chemical, REI, ANN Inc., BrandKey Graphics, Snowball Print Marketing, major printing organizations, academic institutions, and other leading companies.