Polaris Direct becomes newest certified SGP Facility

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications, announced today Polaris Direct as the newest certified SGP Facility.

“What I like about SGP certification is it creates a culture around sustainability,” said John Strand, director of operations. “It’s not just three or four of us deciding procedures – it encourages you to get other people involved, and you can’t create a culture of sustainability unless everybody’s in on it.”

Located in Hooksett, New Hampshire, Polaris Direct is a direct marketing and printing company with many Fortune 500 customers. Founded nearly 20 years ago, the company is guided by innovative thinking and client-based problem-solving.

“A lot of our customers are asking how we’re protecting our community. SGP gives us a good answer to those questions,” said Kris Ingoldsby, executive assistant.

“Polaris Direct’s commitment to its sustainability journey is highlighted through its achievement to gain SGP certification,” stated Marci Kinter, vice president, Government and Regulatory Affairs, PRINTING United Alliance, and chair, SGP Technical Committee. “It was a pleasure to work with Polaris and see how the company came together and worked on its sustainability criteria. This is only the beginning of our SGP and Polaris journey and I am excited to see what is on the horizon for Polaris Direct!”

SGP certification is the only sustainability certification for facilities in the United States and Canada. Print facilities and industry suppliers interested in eliminating waste, reducing energy consumption, transitioning to sustainable materials, and winning new business from organizations that require sustainable practices should visit www.sgppartnership.org/certification to learn more about becoming SGP certified.

About Polaris Direct: Polaris Direct is a nationally acclaimed direct marketing and printing company specializing in high-volume 1:1 direct mail campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and agencies. A full-service supplier with a capacity to mail over 1.5 million pieces daily, Polaris provides end-to-end, multi-channel marketing solutions focused on increasing campaign ROI. www.polarisdirect.net

About SGP: The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the only certification organization promoting sustainability in all printing processes throughout the United States and Canada. SGP promotes a sustainable print supply chain through best practices, innovation, information sharing and validation. The SGP program encompasses the three pillars of sustainability – people, planet, and profit. SGP partners include 3M, tesa tape North America, Cooley/Group, EFI, EMG, FLEXcon, Laird Plastics, New Leaf Paper, Nvent Marketing, Piedmont Plastics, Polymershapes, Sun Chemical, REI, ANN Inc., BrandKey Graphics, Snowball Print Marketing, major print organizations, academic institutions, and other leading companies. www.sgppartnership.org