Meyers strengthens its sustainability leadership with SGP Certification

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainability certification for the printing industry, announced today that the Meyers Printing Companies, Inc. achieved SGP certification for its Minneapolis, MN facility.

“Meyers believes in integrity and an important part of this is our environmental compliance and stewardship,” said Chris Dillion, President at Meyers. “Integrity is a central part of who we are. And to us, integrity and sustainability are intertwined. If you’re not thinking about how your work impacts those around you and those who will come after you, are you really working with integrity?”

As a certified SGP printer, Meyers is committed to exceeding sustainability targets by reducing waste, conserving energy, sourcing sustainable materials, creating a safe workplace, continuous improvement, and lowering our carbon footprint. Each year sustainability projects are identified and tracked to document areas of improvement; an audit by the third-party certification organization occurs every two years.

“We’ve had sustainability initiatives at Meyers for decades. Much like our clients and so many consumers, we understand that sustainability is too critical for us to continue the status quo,” said Matt Evers, Meyers SVP of Business Development and Quality. “That’s why we’ve put so much resources into accelerating our sustainability initiatives. The tools we’re getting from SGP, like the SGP Impact Tracker, have been instrumental to continue to advance on our sustainability journey.”

SGP certification takes into account the entire print facility, its process, product, and social areas. SGP certification elevates a printer into an elite group of top sustainable printers, recognized by print buyers and the printing industry. SGP certification is supported by industry associations, including the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), PRINTING United Alliance and TLMI.

SGP certification is a validation of the work Meyers has done for decades on delivering sustainable solutions for its customers. “Meyers exemplifies sustainability in the printing industry,” said Doreen Monteleone, SGP co-founder and FTA representative. “They are a perfect example of a company that has taken the steps to assure a more sustainable supply chain for their many customers. In turn, this benefits us all.”

“We know there are so many consumers who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and our clients want to be part of making that possible,” said Michael Dillon, Meyers Head of Marketing. “We are proud to help customers and consumers along their own sustainability journeys. Sometimes that’s bringing in new compostable or biodegradable materials, other times it’s working towards our commitment to use only carbon-free electricity by the end of 2021. No matter how we’re delivering sustainable print solutions, it makes us so happy to be helping build a brighter future for all of us.”

Print facilities interested in eliminating waste, reducing energy consumption, transitioning to sustainable materials, and winning new business from organizations that require sustainable printing practices should visit to learn more about becoming SGP certified.

About Meyers Printing Companies, Inc.As a premier print manufacturer and expert design studio, Meyers has been helping our clients and their brands stand out, attract new customers, and drive more sales since 1949. Meyers designs and manufactures labels, packaging, and retail merchandising solutions for consumer packaged goods, as well as innovative large-format graphics, displays, and cards. The products Meyers creates can be found at virtually every retail outlet across the country. Meyers’ commitment to collaboration, innovation, creative problem solving, and exceptional design allows it to engineer solutions that keep clients one step ahead of their competition.

About SGP: The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the only certification organization promoting sustainability in all printing processes throughout the United States and Canada. SGP promotes a sustainable print supply chain through best practices, innovation, information sharing and validation. The SGP program encompasses the three pillars of sustainability – people, planet, and profit. SGP partners include 3M, tesa tape North America, Cooley/Group, EMG, FLEXcon, Laird Plastics, New Leaf Paper, Nvent Marketing, Piedmont Plastics, Polymershapes, Sun Chemical, REI, ANN Inc., BrandKey Graphics, Snowball Print Marketing, major print organizations, academic institutions, and other leading companies.