Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) becomes SGP Resource Partner

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading certification authority in sustainable printing, announced today that the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a non-governmental organization (NGO) working with policymakers, utilities, and others around the world to improve the policy climate for renewable development, has joined the SGP community as a Resource Partner.

SGP Resource Partners are non-profits, NGOs and educational institutions engaged in promoting, teaching or researching in the areas of graphic arts and/or sustainability. Resource Partners are subject matter experts that assure the entire print community is empowered to advance sustainability in the printing industry supply chain.

“SGP and CRS are mission-aligned in helping printing and packaging facilities reduce their environmental impact and become more sustainable,” said Michelle McGinty, Senior Manager, Center for Resource Solutions. “CRS is happy to support the SGP community with information on how to source high-quality renewable electricity, carbon offsets, and biomethane products to lead to a greener future for this industry.”

“CRS helps drive accountability in companies for sustainable claims in energy use via its Green-e certification program. This fits well with SGP`s commitment to a more holistic sustainable supply chain,” said Jonathan Graham, SGP Chair. “By collaborating with businesses worldwide, CRS demonstrates leadership in green power procurement. It has a wide community of organizations using renewable energy, project developers, policy advocates, certificate providers, electricity suppliers and organizations drive clean energy development.”

To learn more about how to become an SGP Resource Partnerand support the sustainable future of the printing industry supply chain, visit

About Center for Resource Solutions (CRS): For over 25 years, the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) has created policy and market solutions to advance sustainable energy. CRS administers the Green-e® certification program for high-quality and third-party verified renewable electricity, carbon offsets, and biomethane products in the voluntary market. Through the Green-e re:print program, CRS certifies printers and paper lines that use renewable electricity. Green-e re:print is perfect for sustainability reports, corporate brochures, and annual reports, and is a great way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through their printed materials.