SGP Certification Criteria Revision - 2021

Comment Closing Date: September 30, 2021

SGP 2021 Certification Criteria Revision Process The Draft Version 4 Certification Criteria for certification by the SGP Program is publicly available for review and comment. The comment period, open for 45 days, seeks to gather input for the public on the revised standards. Questions and comments on the draft revisions can be directed to: Marci Kinter, Chair, SGP Technical Committee, All comments must be submitted by September 30, 2021.

Key Milestones

2008 SGP launches V1 of its certification criteria

2010 SGP releases V2

2016 SGP releases V3

2018 SGP successfully launches its sustainability dashboard – SGP Impact and Certification Tracker

2020 Call for SGP Technical Committee Task Force volunteers to kick off process to revise the certification criteria

2021 SGP Technical Committee completes work and submits to the SGP Board of Directors in July 2021 for its review for release for public comment.

2021 Public comment period is open. SGP Board of Director to review final version for adoption in October 2021.

2021 New SGP Certification Criteria, V4, for Printing Facilities, and V1, for the Supply Community are launched in October 2021.

Draft Revision Criteria

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