Leaders In Sustainability

Take command. Be effective. Influence. These qualities make up the fabric of true leadership and reflect the companies that do more than just embrace sustainability in the print community – they’re helping to make sustainability the new norm. This is SGP’s goal, and these are just some of the companies that are helping to bring it to fruition.

Featured Certified Printer

Plastic Packaging Inc.'s BOTTOM LINE: Reduction of 53%! Annual savings of 149,000 kwh anticipated!

Building Energy Usage Reduction -- Designed warehouse lighting to reduce energy consumption by 25% by installation and operation of an automatic lighting control systems that utilizes sensors to turn off non-essential lighting during production periods when there is no activity in the warehouse. In addition, approximately one-third of the existing warehouse fixtures were removed as it was discovered that lighting levels in the warehouse were significantly higher than required for work functions carried out in this space.