Why Buy Certified?

Here are just some of the benefits that SGP provides to print buyers:

  • Giving preference to SGP certified facilities helps to advance your company’s sustainability values across the entire graphic communications supply network.
  • SGP certification identifies and measures many best business practices, beyond mandated regulations. Adding SGP to your supplier criteria will reduce associated supplier qualification costs.
  • SGP eliminates the need and costs for corporations to develop proprietary “green” standards, checklists and scorecards.
  • Certified SGP facilities document their annual plans to improve sustainability goals and successes, and then share these with their company team members, supply chain partners and local communities, spreading sustainability awareness.
  • Developing a formal procurement policy that includes and preferences certified SGP facilities is a public demonstration of your company’s commitment to sustainability. The procurement policy will resonate with customers, clients, employees, stakeholders, shareholders and the CEO alike.

SGP provides tools to help Print Buyers preference SGP certified print facilities. Please contact us for further information.