To become SGP certified, print facilities must implement the following:

Sustainability Management System

  • Includes (the establishment of) a sustainability committee, sustainability policy; its implementation and operation, along with checking and corrective action to prevent and detect non-conformance.

Best Practices

  • Product: includes the design aspects and input material management to create the finished item.
  • Process: includes the (processing and manufacturing) steps involved with converting input materials into a finished product including process by-products that have an environmental, health and safety impact.
  • Envelope: includes the manufacturing support activities, building, grounds –  including water, land and other natural resource usage in addition to other functions at a facility.

Social Aspects

  • Comply with all relevant local, state, provincial and federal employment laws.


  • Use the SGP Partnership sustainability metrics system to measure progress.


Annual Progress Report

  • Report on progress that has been made. Continual progress is essential in becoming more sustainable, and serves as the means to demonstrate the commitment for excellence.

The criteria will updated on a periodic basis to reflect advances in technology as well as sustainable business practices.  All revisions are provided to the general public for review and comment.

Download the complete SGP Criteria 2011 [PDF]